The Africa we want

Why adolescent sexual and reproductive health is key for Africa’s development

No. of pages: 5

Publication date: July 2017

Author: UNFPA East and Southern Africa

Publisher: UNFPA East and Southern Africa


Young people make up the largest and fastest growing population in East and Southern Africa. Due to the sheer number of young people, their sexual behaviour will shape the course of the entire African continent. The time to seize the opportunity to renew the continent’s social and economic capital is now.

If our youth are not invested in now, they face an uncertain future.  

Imagine a world where all adolescents and young people are healthy, productive and empowered; free from sexually transmitted infections including HIV, unintended pregnancies, child marriage and sexual violence; and are equipped with comprehensive knowledge and skills to make healthy decisions about their life, relationships and future. 

Together, we can achieve this. This document tells you how.