Already a mum, still a teen

Adolescent Pregnancy

Six South African women from Cape Town discuss their experience of becoming teenaged mothers. Ranging in age and economic class, the majority are from Gugulethu and are Xhosa-speaking (interviewed in English).

Amy / Nomfuneko / Nothando / Nothando / Thoko / Zimkhitha

The oldest interviewee is 37, her child having recently matriculated at the age of 21. The youngest mother, aged 21, gave birth to her child when she was 18.

At the time of the interviews, all were working to support their families, while some were attempting to raise enough money to go back to school. Only one mother – from a white, middle class background – managed to complete her matric and was working as a graphic designer.

~ By Christopher Booth, freelance journalist, Cape Town, 2013