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23 May 2016 - 23 May 2016


5 May 2016 - 5 May 2016


International Day of the Midwife

The International Day of the Midwife, 5 May, is a day to celebrate the life-saving work of the world’s midwives. Midwives are the primary care givers for millions of women and newborns before, during and after childbirth, and also offer women and girls essential counselling and education on family planning and reproductive health.


17 October 2015 - 17 October 2015


International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty has been observed every year since 1993, when the United Nations General Assembly designated this day to promote awareness of the need to eradicate poverty and destitution in all countries.

With its partners, UNFPA focuses on the significant number of poor people, especially women and youth, who continue to lack access to education and health care, including reproductive health information and services. This keeps them trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty running from one generation to the next.