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The 10 finalists' start-up summaries

Ask Without Shame Ask Without Shame is a mobile App, Instant Message service, and USSD number for voice calls, which provides sex education and debunks myths. It serves as an interactive platform to share concerns and pose questions to medical specialists anonymously and confidentially. It educates youth about sex and answers their questions. The application currently has almost 10,000 questions answered since its launch in December 2015.

Fluid A mobile game that seeks to combine fun and learning by bringing to life the theories learnt on sexuality and sexual and reproductive health. It helps young people deduce, react and decide on situations through gamification.

Contraceptive SOS The ‘Uber’ for condoms, pregnancy kits and contraceptives, with delivery to campus and college students.

Sophie Bot Sophie is an intelligent system that is fed with verified information on sexuality and sexual and reproductive health. It relays the information to its users through conversations that are driven by text or voice chats. Features include anonymous forums and digital chat bots built in on the app, Facebook, Telegram, Messenger and Twitter.

Bobea An online system that aggregates services and products by sexual health providers, ranging from pharmacies, chemists, VCT, emergency providers and family planning centres.

Smart Sex Smart Sex™ is an online sexual health improvement and responsibility social enterprise that focuses on the attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that influence sexual health outcomes. The aim is to reduce sexual health problems. This is done through the provision of initial diagnosis STI home testing kits with treatment options.

Marie Marie is an inter-active game quiz-based engine that contains a broad knowledge base of information about sexual and reproductive health. Marie is able to answer any questions that the user may have on issues related to sexual and reproductive health.

My V-Health This is a vaginal wellness kit, synchronized with a mobiles app that tests for vaginal PH levels. The kit consists of a pH tester strip and a pH chart. The pH test strip is placed on the inside of the vaginal wall and reacts to its pH level. The strip is then scanned using the phone application and the system auto-matches the readings with pre-fed pH colour readings. In the event of an abnormal reading, it provides information about the likely causes, possible solutions and, where need be, connects the user to a gynaecologist.

Imara TV An online system that crowd sources and curates youth-generated video content on human development, sexuality and identity. The content is peer educator accredited.

Deaf Elimu Plus Limited A web- and mobile-based application that will enable deaf youth users to search for specific SRH information/words in Kenyan Sign Language (KSL) and allow them to observe KSL stories and explanations about SRH through video content. It will also incorporate a gaming and quiz aspect to the videos.

The four winning solutions