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SRH & HIV Linkages Compendium
Linking Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and HIV in Southern Africa
What is the evidence of effectiveness of SRH/HIV integration?

Videos from Botswana, Malawi, Namibia and Zambia introduce the benefits of integrated service delivery:

Botswana: Botswana Reinvents its Public Clinics
Malawi: Improving Health Care in Malawi Through Linkages of Services
Namibia: Changing Lives in Namibia
Zambia: Improving Health Care in Zambia

This booklet showcases seven demonstration projects that have scaled up effective models for strengthening integrated SRH and HIV policies, systems, and service delivery mechanisms in the framework of the Linkages project.

These one-pager stories showcase the progress up to 2013 in each of the countries in SRHR-HIV Linkages in East and Southern Africa phase I.

Botswana: Reaching communities with critital SRH and HIV services
Botswana: "They are saving our lives"
Lesotho: Creating Stronger Partnerships to Engage Vulnerable Populations
Malawi: Placing Community Engagement at the Centre of Service Delivery
Namibia: Enhancing Efficiencies in Integrated Service Delivery
Swaziland: Linking HIV and SRH Programme Best Practice Series
Zambia: Ensuring Young People's Access to SRH and HIV Services
Zimbabwe: Synergizing Efforts to Scale Up Integration Nationwide
HIV and Sexual and Reproductive Health in Zimbabwe                        

Integration Strategies

Country-specific integration strategies and national policies:

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and HIV & AIDS Linkages Integration Strategy and Implementation Plan of Botswana
National Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and  HIV & AIDS Integrations Strategy for Malawi 2015- 2020

National Policy on Sexual and Reproductive Health Swaziland
National Guidelines for SRHR, HIV and GBV services integration Zambia
Service guidelines on SRH and HIV linkages Zimbabwe

More resources

Resources from the project to date can be downloaded in the Open Access Research Library