Website Designer for IMIS System

6 August 2017

UNFPA East and Southern Africa Regional Office, Johannesburg, South Africa

  1. Background

UNFPA East and Southern Africa (ESARO) aims to increase access to data, including micro-data and indicators, to monitor and report on achievements or progress on programmes on rights-based population and sustainable development issues, especially pertaining to population dynamics, youth, gender, and sexual and reproductive health and rights. Access to information is being provided through the establishment of a functional online REDATAM-based Integrated Multi-Sectoral Information System (IMIS). The IMIS system contains two types of data: one component contains micro datasets mainly from population censuses and sample surveys; the second contains information in the form of selected indicators at the country level. The IMIS system will foster wider utilization of and access to information by duty bearers to monitor and report on progress of national initiatives, SDGs, ICPD and other international initiatives.

The development of the IMIS system is almost complete and UNFPA ESARO is therefore seeking the expertise of a qualified website designer to design interactive and user-friendly IMIS web pages. This person would ensure that the website design and development is eye catching and delivers the relevant functionality and content for users in a way that is intuitive and achieves the IMIS goals. This will increase IMIS usability and ease ways of navigating through the screens to access the required information.

The web designer consultant will work with the IMIS expert, the communications unit and the Evidence Knowledge and Innovation (EKI) Unit team.

  1. Tasks and Responsibilities

The web designer is expected to design:

  • Professional, static user-friendly main page for the UNFPA ESARO IMIS, which links to different systems. The main IMIS web page will be redesigned to make it attractive, user-friendly and professional. It is linked to two web pages which would also be redesigned.
  • The second web page is the Country IMIS web page, which is also to be redesigned similarly to the main page. It is planned to have an interactive professional map of Africa that redirects users to each country IMIS system, which are hosted by National Statistics Offices (Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique and Uganda), and hence will not be redesigned.
  • The third web page, which is also the second link from the main IMIS web page, is the Regional Indicator System. This will be professionally designed with an attractive header/banners, footers, index planned to be included in the REDATAM system.
  • Design fourth website page (Processing Page) of Regional Indicator System along the lines of the third web page.
  • Ensure the help tabs, documentation and other functions on the website pages facilitate user friendliness and increase attractiveness.
  • Any other relevant tasks related to IMIS that may be assigned by or through the supervisor.
  1. Expected Deliverables / Output
  • The website pages must take note of website usability and attractive website design and development that reinforces the UNFPA ESARO brand, increases traffic, and is consumer friendly.
  • 4 web pages that are professionally completed and user friendly; one of the website pages will have an interactive map of Africa or any other innovative presentation.
  • 4 UNFPA banners/headers designed, out of which the final one will be chosen.
  1. Qualifications and Experience

The website designer should have the following skills, abilities and experience:

  • University Degree in Computer Science, or ICT with practical experience in website design.
  • At least 4 years of experience in web development.
  1. Duration of assignment

To start as soon as possible. The work to develop the website pages is estimated to take approximately 10 working days. Payment will be made upon completing the tasks and in accordance with UNFPA policies and procedures.

  1. Additional Guidelines

UNFPA reserves the right to withhold all or a portion of payment if performance is unsatisfactory, if work and outputs are incomplete, not delivered, or for failure to meet deadlines or the quality of work required.

  1. Duty Station - The work will be conducted at UNFPA ESARO, where the IMIS system has been developed, and Internet and published resources are available.
  2.  How to apply and duration of application


Interested candidates should please submit a CV and comprehensive motivation letter, stating why you believe you are a suitable candidate, to and addressed it for the attention of the International Operations Manager.

Please also submit a completed P11 form, which you can download from the top of this page. Failure to complete the P11 form may disqualify your application.     

UNFPA does not solicit or screen for information in respect of HIV and AIDS and does not discriminate on the basis of HIV and AIDS status. Posts are open only to nationals and permanent residents of the country.                                                                  

Closing date for applications is Sunday 6 August 2017.