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1 November 2018

Five things you didn’t know about disability and sexual violence

Fifteen per cent of the world’s population lives with a disability, and nearly 200 million are between the ages of 10 and 24. Yet they are often invisible in government statistics. Girls and boys with disabilities are...

31 October 2018

End exclusion of youth, if we want a better tomorrow

“Sexual assault and embarrassment are the risks that adolescent girls face when dealing with menstruation hygiene in emergency settings, due to the lack of separation between male and female sanitation facilities. In an...

29 October 2018

Eritrea makes impressive progress on maternal and neonatal health, with UNFPA support

Eritrea’s impressive gains in improving maternal and neonatal health were the focus of a one-day visit to health facilities in the Southern Region by UNFPA Deputy Executive Director (Programme), Dereje Wordofa, as well...

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