Cross-border FGM policy brief
This policy brief highlights the cross-border dimension of FGM (Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania and Uganda) in the East Africa region. The brief describes the factors that perpetuate cross-border FGM and the work that is being done to reduce the rates.
Village Headman Patete is fighting to end child marriage in his community. © UNFPA/Luis Tato
Sitting under a mango tree, Village Headman Patete marvels at a group of girls who are singing as they walk past towards a nearby primary school. In the past, a scene like this was not common in the village. Many girls stayed at home, while boys went to school - a tradition he is changing, one girl at a time.
Carolina Sousa, Director of Obstetrics and Family Planning at Centro de Saúde do Bairro in Moçâmedes.
“Working with women, my biggest challenge is to bring knowledge, because those who do not have knowledge will not be able to do anything. Those with knowledge already know what to do during pregnancy,” said Carolina Manuel Sousa, 42, a third-class midwifery nursing technician in Namibe province, who dreamed of serving her community. 

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