As we begin a three-week-long lockdown in South Africa, my thoughts turn to two young adults in lockdown in New York City—my two children. At a time when much is uncertain and nations find themselves in varying stages of dealing with the virus, my children have encouraged and inspired me, and shared practical tips on how to survive staying at home.
With each passing day, the scale of the COVID-19 crisis and its consequences are becoming ever more apparent and alarming. UNFPA, the United Nations sexual and reproductive health agency, stands in solidarity with all those responding to the novel coronavirus.
The girl was in coma when police brought her to the centre. She [had been] gang raped and badly beaten. We got her admitted at Juba Teaching Hospital in a frantic effort […] to save her life.” The injured girl was assisted by Fatuma Tarjan, a gender-based violence response officer at Juba's Family Protection Centre.