Five ways to change life for women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
With a legacy of sexual violence, prolonged war and high rates of maternal mortality, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is a country in crisis. And yet it is largely overlooked. Here are five actions that leaders must take to change life for women and girls.
A young girl raises her hands at a classroom setting, in front of her we see teachers and a big blackboard.
Ngoma is deaf, so she didn’t hear the group of boys as they snuck up behind her on a road in her hometown of Matadi. “They ambushed me, then dragged me to a secluded area and abused me,” she told UNFPA. After the attack, she didn’t know where to turn. “They took advantage of my disability to commit their crime, going so far as to make me a mother.”
FGM stories
Mumina was just 7 years old when she suffered female genital mutilation (FGM). Bernadette was 13. As adults, they are part of Kenya’s movement to end FGM. See how they have transformed their pain into strength to make sure that their daughters, and countless others, can live free from FGM.

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