As the world embarks on a third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot forget that we are also on the cusp of the fifth decade of the AIDS pandemic. The continued spread of these two viruses lays bare stark social, health, legal and economic inequalities faced by vulnerable communities across the globe – with untold consequences for millions of women and girls in particular.
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The United Nations Population Fund East and Southern Africa Regional Office announced the long-awaited expansion of their flagship Safeguard Young People (SYP) programme to Angola, Mozambique, Rwanda and the United Republic of Tanzania.
Violence in the online world is real. It is also wrong, and it must be stopped. It may seem like the online world is safe for women and girls. What could possibly happen, at home or in school or in an office, simply sitting in front of a computer? A lot, it turns out. Digital violence is devastatingly rampant. It is relentless, borderless and often anonymous.

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