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Youth and COVID-19 Diaries: Poetry Slammer missing the stage and her audiences


BURUNDI: 24-year-old Irakoze Jeanne

Date of Diary session: 8 May 2020

 “Fight to achieve your dreams because no matter how long COVID-19 lasts, the situation will be normal one day”.

Irakoze Jeanne, 24, plans to compose poems on hope and gratitude when all this is over.

In my country, activities continue except that we are called to be careful of COVID-19. As a student, I’m just continuing with my studies, paying attention to the given by health workers and the different ministries.

Though we have no difficulty accessing sexual and reproductive health services, the focus has shifted a bit so I try to give hope to other young people that life goes on.

I'll make up for this time

When all this is over, I will try making up for it by composing poetry targeted at young people warning them to always be careful and never mourn despite the worst things that appear in life, in addition to thanking God.

I’m really worried about the youth and the people of our country but even during this pandemic, I am very grateful for UNFPA and the various ministries and organizations who have not stopped guiding us.

My advice to other young people is; be courageous and don’t relax - fight to achieve your dreams because no matter how long Covid-19 lasts, the situation will be normal one day.

About the #YouthAndCovid19 Series

The UNFPA East and Southern Africa Regional Office through its flagship programme for youth, the Safeguard Young People programme, has been engaging with young people in the region to find out how they are coping with the current COVID-19 pandemic. The aim of the project is to share best practices among the youth and to expose them to the many interventions and responses to COVID-19 that UNFPA and its partners have put in place during this time.

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- Lindiwe Siyaya