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ZAMBIA: 25-year-old Kondelwani Kamanga’s Story

Date of diary session: 8 May 2020

“I keep myself busy and informed by doing free online courses on COVID-19”

The situation is not that bad in my country. I thank the frontline workers in the fight [against] this contagious disease; they are doing their best to stop the spread of COVID-19. I’m under lockdown with my family, so I'm always with them and I'm using this time to get to know them better.

Life has never been the same [since] the lockdown, but I have kept myself busy with researching more on COVID-19 as well as doing free online courses on the virus. I am trying to adapt to the new way of life. In my country, we haven't experienced any health challenges in line with sexual and reproductive health and rights, as young people are able to access services but not as much as they used to before the lockdown.

Supporting family and friends

I am doing my level best to support my family and friends by talking to them about the best ways they can cope with what's going on as well as sharing information on the virus. As a student and volunteer, to ensure that my work continues, I’m accessing lessons on e-learning and with the voluntary work I do with different organizations, I have been working online to reach the community at large.

I miss having meaningful discussions with youths at youth-friendly spaces and public ventures in my country and wow, as soon as this ends, I will be very happy. I think the first thing I will do is to have a meaningful youth group discussion with my fellow youths out there. Though I am worried about the people who are getting infected with the virus every day, I am still grateful that the world is working hand in hand through the World Health Organization to curb the pandemic that has affected everyone globally.

NAMIBIA: Karuzerururua Ndjarakana, 22

I’m really worried about the safety of others who don’t have access to personal protective equipment, like masks.

"I’m so grateful for being alive and my advice to other young people is just keep doing what you are doing to keep yourselves safe." - Karuzerururua Ndjarakana, 22

Date of diary session: 8 May 2020

Student at International University of Management (Namibia)

The situation here in Namibia is actually not bad as the lockdown was lifted on May 4. I’m coping quite well as I am following the rules and regulations imposed by the authorities, especially because our sexual and reproductive health services haven’t suffered so young people still have access to these.

Time for studies and assignments

I’m currently assisting others by providing them with the information they need to keep themselves safe from COVID-19. School is also going very well actually as I have time for studying and doing assignments. I do miss sporting activities though and the first thing I’ll do once all this is totally over will be to go and play football.

I’m so grateful for being alive and my advice to other young people is just keep doing what you are doing to keep yourselves safe and obey the advice of the authorities.

About the #YouthAndCovid19 Series

The UNFPA East and Southern Africa Regional Office through its flagship programme for youth, the Safeguard Young People programme, has been engaging with young people in the region to find out how they are coping with the current COVID-19 pandemic. The aim of the project is to share best practices among the youth and to expose them to the many interventions and responses to COVID-19 that UNFPA and partners have put in place during this time.

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- Lindiwe Siyaya