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Ethiopia's health care delivery is guided by the long-term national strategy known as the Health Sector Development Programme (HSDP), which has been in place since the mid-90s. The National Human Resource for Health Strategy 2009-2015 detailed the operationalization of putting in place an adequate number of qualified and motivated health professionals to achieve the ambitious HSDP outcome targets of the population.

Ethiopia is one of the countries that is benefiting from the Maternal Health Thematic Trust Fund, set out to deliver results in improving availability and access to emergency obstetric and newborn care services which is framed mainly by two outputs: Strengthening national health systems focusing on human resources for achieving MDG5; and improving programme alignment, national ownership, effectiveness and leveraging additional resources for MDG 5 from government and donors.

This report looks at the outputs and results of the Global Programme on Reproductive Health Commodoties & Maternal Health Thematic fund in the country context.