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Crisis in Burundi

UNFPA has worked in Burundi since 1980 and throughout its civil war. After 2006, peace allowed UNFPA and its partners to expand their outreach, resulting in a promising progress curve for the reproductive health of Burundians. However, Burundi exploded in pre-electoral violence in April 2015. Just when the nation was rebuilding its social fabric and improving the economy, the socio-political unrest erased those gains and brought untold misery.

Between April and August last year, some 221,000 Burundians fled to neighbouring countries and many were also internally displaced. Presidential elections boycotted by the opposition took place at the end of August. The United Nations warns that the humanitarian situation could deteriorate quickly, even without full-blown conflict, given Burundi’s fragility. In very difficult conditions, UNFPA and its partners multiply interventions among internally displaced and refugee populations to improve reproductive health services and care for survivors of gender-based violence. To continue and expand our work, we require almost US$8,700,000.