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The Global Programme to Enhance Reproductive Health Commodity Security (GPRHCS) provided sustained multi-year support to 11 Stream 1 countries and funded targeted initiatives in 34 Stream 2 countries. In total, the Global Programme focused on 45 countries, a deliberately tighter focus than the previous year.

Some additional ad hoc support was provided to Stream 3 countries. Expenditures (provisional) totalled $93,551,586 in 2010, up from $87,089,805 in 2009. Of that amount, $61,771,480 (66 percent) went to reproductive health commodities and $31,780,105 (34 percent) went to capacity development.

Within UNFPA, the GPRHCS worked in collaboration with the Maternal Health Thematic Fund to provide programmatic support to ensure that life-saving maternal health drugs and supplies were available in all facilities. The GPRHCS also worked closely with the HIV/AIDS branch to increase the availability of contraceptives in countries with high HIV prevalence and among vulnerable populations.

This report looks at the results (goal, outcome and output) and associated indicators that are used to measure progress in the Global Programme to Enhance RHCS. The results-based approach is based on the GPRHCS Monitoring and Evaluation Framework and the UNFPA Results and Resources Framework. Both aggregate data and specific examples to highlight achievements in 2010 are presented in this report.