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Guidance on Enhancing Youth Participation in East and Southern Africa

This Guidance Document has been developed to support Country Offices and their development partners in promoting and facilitating effective youth participation, youth engagement and youth mainstreaming through country and regional programmes. Its purpose is to assist users in identifying and applying effective strategies to ensure that young people effectively participate in activities that directly impact on their lives.

The report helps users to integrate youth considerations into their current work and to measure the results of these interventions. Finally, it encourages adults working with youth to reflect upon the most effective ways to interact with youth as partners. Taking their cue from the disability rights movement, youth are increasingly saying: “Nothing about us without us”.

The aims of this document are:
• To engage with young people as leaders and partners who can influence and contribute to policies and programming of relevance to UNFPA and its partners;
• To empower youth to play a direct role in decision-making at all levels of society.