Harnessing the Demographic Dividend to Accelerate Socioeconomic Transformation and Economic Development in Malawi

No. of pages: 140

Publication date: June 2017

Author: UNFPA Malawi, AFIDEP, and the Ministry of Labour, Youth and Manpower Development

Publisher: Malawi's Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development: Department for Economic Planning and Development

This report summarizes the results of a study carried out to assess Malawi’s potential for harnessing the demographic dividend and discusses the policy options that are required to do so.

It reviews demographic, economic and human capital trends, challenges, and opportunities, and their implications for Malawi’s development; how the demographic dividend can be harnessed under different policy scenarios; and a review of current policies and their performance in other countries, which can be adopted in Malawi.

The report would be beneficial for those wishing to understand Malawi’s potential in harnessing its demographic dividend to better inform programming and policy, as well as those looking to gain a better understanding of relevant demographic, economic, and human capital trends in Malawi.

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