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Malawi: Harnessing the Demographic Dividend to Accelerate Socio-economic Transformation and Economic Development in Malawi (2016)

Malawi’s aspirations to transform into a middle-income country can benefit from the demographic dividend. This report highlights the results of a study carried out to assess Malawi’s potential for harnessing the demographic dividend and the policy options that are required.

The study reviews demographic, economic and human capital trends, challenges and opportunities, and their implications for Malawi’s development; harnessing the demographic dividend under different policy scenarios; and a review of current policies and their performance in other countries. This report would be beneficial to those wishing to gain a better understanding of relevant demographic, economic, and human capital trends in Malawi.

A demographic dividend is not guaranteed and is time bound; therefore, it is recommended that the country act quickly by prioritizing policies and investments to accelerate a fertility decline, improve human capital, accelerate economic growth and job creation, and enhance good governance and accountability in service delivery and use of public resources.