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Nigeria: Advancing the Sexual & Reproductive Health & Human Rights of People Living With HIV

People living with HIV have the right to healthy, satisfying sex lives, and need both laws to protect this right and appropriate services to promote and ensure their sexual and reproductive health. Decision-makers and service providers must recognize that people living with HIV enter into relationships to have sex and to have children. Ensuring that they can do these things safely is key to maintaining their health, and that of their partners and families.

People living with HIV developed an SHRH Guidance Package to help policymakers, programme managers, health professionals, donors, and advocates better understand the specific steps that must be taken to support their sexual and reproductive health and rights. The Network of people Living with HIV AIDS (NEPWHAN) designed this study (using the SRHR Guidance Package as a basis) to further deconstruct the sexual and reproductive health and rights of sero-discordant couples in Nigeria in order to inform future development of national SRHR and HIV programmes and policies.