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The MDG Report 2010, as with reports of its kind before, is a Nigeria-specific analysis of the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals. It captures MDG interventions, challenges and successes, as well as 'misses' since the Mid-Point Assessment was published in 2007/2008.

Nigeria first published an MDG report in 2004, at a time when it was closely integrated into the country's National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy (NEEDS). In 2005, however, the MDGs got a 'shot in the arm', as Nigeria successfully negotiated debt relief from the Paris Club. This translated into annual gains of one billion dollars for the country, which the federal government immediately decided it would use to stimulate national development by investing in the pro-poor programmes needed to achieve the MDGs.

The MDG Report 2010 provides up-to-date data on Nigeria's MDGs indicators. These indicators tell a compelling story of successes to date and also consider the challenges.