Regional Guidance: Strengthening Competency-Based Education on Adolescent Health in Pre- and In-Service Training for Health-Care Providers

East and Southern Africa Region

No. of pages: 36

Publication date: October 2019


Publisher: UNFPA ESARO

This guidance document offers a strategic framework and processes to strengthen competency-based pre- and in-service training on adolescent health for health-care providers, as a contribution to achieving universal health coverage for all adolescents and youth in the region.

It proposes three priority areas and two crosscutting themes. The priority areas include:

• Supporting leadership, management and accountability;
• Developing consensus about the content and strategies for strengthening the adolescent health components of pre- and in-service training;
• Increasing the quality and coverage of adolescent health in existing pre- and in-service training programmes.

The cross-cutting issues are monitoring and evaluation, and the meaningful involvement of adolescents and youth.