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Young people aged 10 to 24 comprise an estimated 33 per cent of the total ESA population. Their health, safety, knowledge, creativity, productivity and resilience are essential for Africa's sustainable growth and development.

With funding from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, UNFPA's flagship programme, Safeguard Young People, displays bold leadership and strategic action to ensure young people’s health and successful transition to adulthood. The goal of the programme is to improve the sexual and reproductive health status of young people aged 10 to 24 by the end of 2019. It adopts a multi-sectoral approach that addresses the needs and rights of the youth population holistically, in their diverse, complex environments, with an emphasis on transforming the gender dynamics that marginalize and harm young women. 

This brochure provides an overview of what the programme is and how it is helping millions of young people across Southern Africa.