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24 July 2018

HIV prevention efforts must reach most vulnerable

The number of AIDS-related deaths has fallen to its lowest point this century thanks to improved access to antiretroviral treatment, according to a newly released report. Yet prevention efforts are leaving the most...

17 July 2018

"I was viewed as a misfit because of my club foot"

Jhazirah was a loner who found it hard to share her life with others and had no self-confidence. “I have trouble with my leg – a clubfoot. Girls saw me as a misfit and abnormal,” she said. This changed when she joined...

11 July 2018

Balloons, disinfectant, brandy used in attempts to prevent pregnancy

Fifty years ago, world leaders recognized family planning as a human right. Yet safe and reliable forms of contraception remain out of reach for hundreds of millions of people. UNFPA has collected dozens of examples of...



This review provides an overview of MHM policies and programmes in the ESA region, with...
Last year saw the end of UNFPA East and Southern Africa Regional Programme Action Plan...

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