Ensuring reproductive rights for all


11 May 2018

A young activist in Malawi campaigns to keep girls out of marriage and in school

Jenipher Sanni dreams of making it big in life, and this year, she prepares to sit for four exams to attain the certificate she needs to move on to university. But getting to this point has not been a straight shot for...

17 April 2018

UNFPA assists in fight against Hepatitis E outbreak in Namibia

UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, UNICEF and WHO are assisting the Namibian government to fight an outbreak of Hepatitis E on the outskirts of the national capital, Windhoek. More than 800 people are suspected...

12 April 2018

Botswana: A model for harnessing Africa’s Demographic Dividend?

Eleven-year-old Zandile Munamati's passionate statement on her aspirations for a promising future was one of the highlights of the launch of Botswana's national Demographic Dividend study. Zandile dreams of...

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