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23 May 2018

Cured of fistula after three years of abuse from her community

For three years, Sana Rodiny had to endure unrelenting abuse after developing an obstetric fistula. "I've had fistula since suffering a gang rape by cattle rustlers at the age of 15," Sana told AFP, while...

21 May 2018

From traditional healers to fistula repair surgery – a woman’s long journey to healing

It seemed a morning like any other. But as she chatted to her friend at the nearby borehole, the discussion turned to how a woman who had been leaking urine had been surgically repaired in hospital. This instantly...

16 May 2018

Putting the smile back: repairing women with fistula in Ethiopia

Married at the age of 20, Birkisa Aba Nega became pregnant a year later. But sadly, only one of the five children she delivered has survived. And she was left with a debilitating injury in the process.

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