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28 February 2018

After a harrowing journey to escape conflict in the DRC, a pregnant refugee realised she faced complications

Towards the end of her pregnancy, after escaping the conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and taking refuge in Angola, Yvonne Mboi began to fear for her health. “I realized I was too big,” she said,...

19 February 2018

I was more worried about stopping my midwifery training than being hit by bullets, says South Sudan student

The tragedy that Nyomon Lilian witnessed the day she decided to become a midwife is one she will never forget. Just a few years ago, she watched as her neighbour bled heavily after giving birth in her hometown of Kajo...

15 February 2018

Mozambique programme empowers girls to fight gender inequality, child marriage

“We are equal to boys and can also contribute to society,” said 17-year-old Lidia Suale Saide. Lidia knows what it means to stand up for these beliefs. One year ago, she refused her mother’s attempt to marry her off....

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