Ensuring reproductive rights for all


28 May 2018

A turning point for menstrual health in Africa

Access to sanitary products, dignity and education on menstrual health management is “a human rights issue that all of us must strive for.” This call was made by Bathabile Dlamini, Minister for Women in the Presidency...

24 May 2018

Celebrating menstruation, from menarche to menopause

The cycle of poverty is a complex phenomenon, yet an intervention that tackles just one of its elements can make a world of difference. Take an initiative at a primary school in Malawi: every Friday, a group of...

23 May 2018

Cured of fistula after three years of abuse from her community

For three years, Sana Rodiny had to endure unrelenting abuse after developing an obstetric fistula. "I've had fistula since suffering a gang rape by cattle rustlers at the age of 15," Sana told AFP, while...

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