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UNICEF and UNFPA are the lead agencies on the preparations for this meeting. The UN working group is to develop an emergency inter-sectoral 2013-2014 action plan, with key identified actions by the Ministry to accelerate the implementation of the Congolese model law on the protection and promotion of indigenous peoples in Congo. A gethering of indigenous leaders will take place in Brazzaville prior to the arrival of the UNPFII, to discuss the meeting, to strengthen the National Indigenous Peoples Network (RENAPAC) for its consultations with UNPFII, and to consult on the action plan.

The 15 members of the UNPFII, UNPFII secretariat, the UN Mexican Ambassador who leads preparations for the 2014 Indigenous Peoples World Conference, representatives from the African Indigenous Caucus, as well as indigenous young people from Latin America and Asia will be part of the UNPFII visit to Brazzaville. The Congolese Ambassadors to the UN in New York and Geneva, and to the African Union in Addis Ababa will attend.

Congolese President Sassou Nguesso will be meeting the UNPFII. He has been designated by UNPFII to Chair the 2014 World Conference on Indigenous Peoples.