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When it comes to improving sexual and reproductive health, Kenya is vibrant. 

The momentum to improve newborn and maternal health has grown, thanks to the Free Maternity Policy, the First Lady’s Beyond Zero Campaign, and Kenya being a Global Financing Facility frontrunner.

Kenya is ranked among the 10 most dangerous countries for a woman to be pregnant. In Kenya, between 6,000 and 8,000 women die every year during childbirth. The maternal mortality ratio (MMR) stands at 488 deaths per 100,000 live births.

Kenya has grave inequalities: 99 per cent of maternal deaths occur in 15 of the 47 counties. Of these 15, close to 50 per cent of all maternal deaths occur in 6 counties. Five of these counties are in north-eastern Kenya.

Young people's health

The country has many SRH issues affecting youth, including teenage pregnancy, HIV and AIDS, sexual- and gender-based violence, and limited number of adolescent/youth-friendly public health facilities for SRH/HIV services.

Partnerships and innovation are critical for this. So much more can be achieved by joining forces. And considering the complex environment we’re operating in, innovation is needed to leapfrog development.

Kenya is known for a vibrant private sector, entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. The Government of Kenya is creating an enabling environment for companies. Globally renowned companies are establishing a presence in Kenya as a result.

Host to exciting initiatives

Most companies adopt a sustainability strategy that includes social impact. This makes them interesting potential partners for UNFPA.

Just as important are the small local enterprises that support UNFPA programmes. Many young people are establishing social enterprises that enable them to earn a living while making a social impact and chase their dreams.

As a result, Kenya already hosts some exciting initiatives.

UNFPA Kenya has built successful partnerships with the private sector. This ground-breaking initiative will harness the resources and expertise of the private sector, in alignment with the Global Financing Facility, and in close collaboration with the Government of Kenya, World Bank and other partners.