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12 February 2018 - 16 February 2018

Johannesburg, South Africa


The 8th African Conference on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (ACSHR) is being held in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 14-15 February, including a Youth Pre-Conference event from 12-13 February. Key speakers at the event include UNFPA Executive Director, Dr. Natalia Kanem, UNFPA Regional Director for East and Southern Africa, Dr. Julitta Onabanjo, and the UN Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth, Jayathma Wickramanayake, from Sri Lanka.


6 February 2018 - 6 February 2018


International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM

Female genital mutilation (FGM) is recognized internationally as a human rights violation. In 2012, the UN General Assembly designated 6 February as the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation. This day is observed to enhance awareness of the issue and to encourage concrete actions against the practice.

UNFPA, jointly with UNICEF, leads the largest global programme to accelerate the abandonment of FGM.



17 October 2017 - 17 October 2017


International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty has been observed every year since 1993, when the United Nations General Assembly designated this day to promote awareness of the need to eradicate poverty and destitution in all countries.