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27 January 2013 - 27 January 2013

Addis Ababa

Special Session of the African Union on CARMMA

Reaffirming Commitments for the Accelerated Reduction of Maternal Mortality in Africa (CARMMA)

In May 2009, the African Union launched CARMMA, the Campaign for Accelerated Reduction of Maternal Mortality in Africa, with support from UNFPA and other partners. Now established in 37 African countries, the campaign aims to mobilize decision makers to strengthen implementation on the ground.

This meeting will discuss key challenges to fully implementing the campaign.


15 January 2013 - 17 January 2013

Arusha, Tanzania

Global Maternal Health Conference

The Global Maternal Health Conference 2013 (GMHC2013) is a technical conference for scientists, researchers, practitioners and policy-makers to network, share knowledge, and build on progress toward eradicating preventable maternal mortality and morbidity by improving quality of care.

The H4+ will be present in three panels: Innovation, Maternal death surveillance and response (MDSR) and the High Burden Country Initiative on Midwifery workforce.