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The four winning solutions

Winning solution: Fluid


Fluid This is a mobile game that combines fun and learning. It brings sexual and reproductive health information to life through gamification. Faced with challenges to overcome, young people will advance in the game by learning about SRH issues.





Winning solution: Sophie Bot

Winning solution: Imara TV





Imara TV An online crowd sourcing of youth generated video content on human development and sexuality. The systems utilizes Youtube to disseminate peer educators accredited content.


Winning solution: Deaf Elimu



Sophie Bot An artificial intelligence system fed with information on sexuality and sexual reproductive health that answers young people’s questions about SRH issues. Sophie Bot’s features include anonymous forums and digital chat-bots built on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and Messenger.






Deaf Elimu A web and mobile based application that will enable deaf youth users to search for specific SRH information in Kenyan Sign Language (KSL). The information will be provided through video and gaming content.

Kenya iAccelerator: the I.AM campaign