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24 October 2020

UN75 2020 and Beyond: Shaping Our Future Together

Seventy-fifth Anniversary of the United Nations As much as anniversaries celebrate what came before, this year’s United Nations Day—marking the Charter of the United Nations entering into force—... Read more

20 October 2020

Trusting statistics to tell the story

Statement by UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Natalia Kanem On World Statistics Day, 20 October 2020 A statistic is not only a number – it tells a human story. It speaks of people’s health and well-being... Read more

15 October 2020

A place of hope: mentoring girls in Kibera informal settlement through the COVID-19 lockdown

NAIROBI, Kenya—“I slept in the toilet for three days because my mother chased me out of the house,” says Julie Atieno*, 13. As she describes her ordeal under the COVID-19 lockdown to a mentor, she... Read more

10 October 2020

Embracing the hopes and dreams of millions of girls for a gender-equal world

Opinion editorial by Dr. Julitta Onabanjo on the International Day of the Girl Child The story of 12-year-old Amanda in Zambia, who has large dreams, is the story of millions of girls across Africa... Read more

8 October 2020

Let’s listen to girls and uphold their rights

Statement by UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Natalia Kanem On the International Day of the Girl 11 October 2020   It is every girl’s right to speak and to be heard. Today, on the International Day of... Read more

28 September 2020

Born with HIV: A teenager coming to terms with her status in a time of COVID-19

OLUPANDU, Namibia—While the world is battling the COVID-19 pandemic, Secilia Jacob*, 18, is fighting her own battle with a different virus. She is learning to come to terms with her HIV status. Ms.... Read more

24 September 2020

Uganda's male action mentors are addressing violence, one community at a time

BYISINGOMA, Uganda—“I used to see my wife as someone with a ‘big head’, so we would always fight over small issues and we never had peace at home,” says Julius Tumwesigye, a farmer and father of two... Read more

21 September 2020

Call out perpetrators of GBV to end violence against women and girls

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa—“It is not true that men do not know who among their circle of friends is a rapist. Men sometimes sit in bars and discuss how they can have sex with a girl without her... Read more

17 September 2020
Press Release

New High-Level Commission will ensure promises made at Nairobi Summit are kept as COVID-19 pandemic threatens to turn back the clock for women’s health and rights

NEW YORK—A new High-Level Commission of advocates, experts and activists was established today to help commitments to women’s health and rights made at the November 2019 Nairobi Summit on ICPD25 stay... Read more

17 September 2020

Youth and COVID-19 Diaries: New hobbies have helped me view the lockdown positively

Zimbabwe: 24-year-old Sharon Stella Musonza Date of Diary: 27 August 2020 The first three months were hard for me as I had no idea how to navigate my way through a life of being alone. The situation... Read more