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6 July 2021

Generating Generation Equality and the Africa We Want for Namibia

WINDHOEK, Namibia—“Gender equity has to be promoted beyond the public sector to cover all segments of society, beyond representation in leadership positions, to permeate all aspects of human... Read more

2 July 2021

Empowering adolescents and young people to end teenage pregnancy and sexual violence in Rwanda

NYAMASHEKE DISTRICT, Rwanda—When her parents learned that she was pregnant at 17, they threatened to banish her from her home. The man who had impregnated her had already fled their village and would... Read more

29 June 2021

Rape as a strategy of war: demanding protection and justice for the women and girls of Tigray

Opinion Editorial by Dr. Julitta Onabanjo, UNFPA Regional Director for East and Southern Africa The 2018 Nobel Laureate, Dr. Denis Mukwege, a gynaecologist celebrated for his work with survivors of... Read more

29 June 2021

Life-saving support urgently needed for women and girls fleeing violence from Palma, Cabo Delgado

PALMA, Cabo Delgado, Mozambique—It’s a situation that no woman could wish to find herself in. Caught in conflict in northern Mozambique, displaced women wanting to give birth safely in health... Read more

28 June 2021

Regional Director's Statement at the Namibia High Level Event on Generation Equality Forum: Bodily Autonomy and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

A very good morning from Johannesburg. I am very honoured to join you all today at this national gathering, ahead of the global Generation Equality Forum Summit set to take place later this week in... Read more

24 June 2021

Empowering Kenyan women and girls with disabilities in managing menstrual health

NAIROBI, Kenya – Anne Wanjiru found out she was having her first period when a boarding school classmate told her she had stained her dress. Fourteen years old and with a congenital mobility... Read more

23 June 2021

More priceless than a Nobel Peace Prize: healing bodies and minds after sexual violence in DRC's 'ground zero' of turmoil

BUKAVU, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)—A quiet refuge in the middle of this busy town has a sign that reads ‘Bienvenue a Hopital de Panzi’ – Welcome to Panzi Hospital. A haven for survivors... Read more

18 June 2021

We need radical change to end violence against women and girls - GBV experts

If violence against women and girls is to end and Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5 on gender equality is to be achieved on the African continent by 2030, robust interventions, sustained... Read more

14 June 2021

Switching the levers of change: restoring the decisions of women and girls over their bodies and future

BUKAVU, Democratic Republic of the Congo—Lisa* was orphaned as a child and raised by her sister and brother-in-law. Growing up in Bukavu, a small town in South Kivu, the threat of violence, conflict... Read more

3 June 2021
Press Release

Symposium exposes urgent need to improve menstrual health in Africa

Menstrual, sexual, and reproductive health  in the region reveals dire inequalities JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 3 June 2021 — The Africa Coalition Symposium on Menstrual Health saw the renewal of... Read more