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12 August 2021

Young leaders blaze the trail toward a more equitable future

“In my country, youth are used as fuel for war and are pushed into conflicts,” Abdul Hamid Ghalib, now 23, from Yemen, told UNFPA at a Youth Forum in Tunisia. That was two years ago, and prospects... Read more

6 August 2021

Ensuring healthy workers for a healthy harvest – training farmers in sexual and reproductive health

MALAWI—Agnes Mwale*, 45, farms a small piece of land a stone's throw away from her village. Until she developed health problems that affected her ability to work in 2019, she was able to provide food... Read more

5 August 2021

UNFPA welcomes new Permanent Forum of People of African Descent

Statement by UNFPA Executive Director, Dr. Natalia Kanem The United Nations General Assembly began building a bridge towards justice this week with its unanimous decision to establish a Permanent... Read more

4 August 2021

The ten-year-old girl: why a promise kept for one is a promise kept for many

Blog by Dr. Julitta Onabanjo, Regional Director With a broad smile and confident stride, she looks forward to a future of discovery and opportunities. She is only ten years old. It has not yet... Read more

29 July 2021

Breaking the silence on sexual violence in Kilifi, Kenya

KILIFI, Kenya—There is a particular case of sexual violence that the counsellors at Kilifi County Referral Hospital’s trauma counselling ward recall well – that of a ten-year-old boy who was attacked... Read more

28 July 2021
Press Release

Provision of sexual and reproductive health and rights is key to building healthy, climate-resilient communities – study

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 28 July 2021—From changing temperatures and weather patterns to extreme storms and rising sea levels, the vulnerability of women and girls across the world is worsening... Read more

27 July 2021

Viva Young People, Viva! Unlocking Africa's Youth Potential

We stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us, those who have charted a path or opened up a door for us. As my tenure as UNFPA East and Southern Africa (ESA) Regional Director draws to... Read more

20 July 2021

A menstrual health revolution for the Africa We Want

Opinion Editorial Dr. Julitta Onabanjo, Regional Director, UNFPA East and Southern Africa A red revolution of a different kind is flowing across Africa, to the benefit of more than half of its people... Read more

19 July 2021

Do you know where your birth control is? Tracking contraceptives improves services and choice in Uganda

KAMPALA, Uganda – When Isirimu Margret got pregnant at 16, her hope to continue her studies vanished. She dropped out of school, married her partner and had their child. So when the chance to obtain... Read more

16 July 2021

Midwives bring portable ultrasound technology to remote communities in Kenya

MFANGANO ISLAND, Kenya – In her four years at Sena Health Centre, midwife Goretti Adhiambo has seen too many lives lost to complications in pregnancy and childbirth. “We provide all the basic... Read more