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3 June 2022
Menstruation is increasingly understood to be a neglected issue with human right implications.

5 ways the world is changing how it sees menstruation

“Menstruation is still considered a secret that is hardly discussed,” Ogaufi Moisakamo, in Botswana, told UNFPA. “When I got my first period, I was... Read more

31 May 2022
Uganda GBV

Involving men in tackling gender-based violence in Uganda

As a community educator on child abuse and gender-based violence, Amos Ojandu often responds to domestic violence incidents in his local district of... Read more

31 May 2022
Ms. Ayan Abadi Wali, 24, with her newborn and her mother-in-law at the emergency unit of the Gode General Hospital, in Ethiopia’

Ethiopia’s worst drought in 40 years threatens to derail gains in maternal and newborn health

“When I saw my baby’s hand coming out, I ran for our lives. We travelled nearly 90 kilometres to the nearest health facility… We are both lucky to be... Read more

26 May 2022
Press Release
Climate change

Climate justice requires ending climate crisis-related child marriages

Climate justice will not be a reality unless sexual and reproductive health and rights, crucial to gender equality, are placed at the centre of... Read more

25 May 2022
Kenya SRHR investment

Kenya unveils the World’s first Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health Development Impact Bond 

Worth $7 Million, the public-private innovative investment will go towards reducing teenage pregnancy and new HIV infections among adolescent girls... Read more

24 May 2022
A man waiting in a queue to immunize their baby at Bududa Hospital

2gether 4 SRHR programme focus on male involvement in Uganda

Male responsibilities and participation are critical aspects of for reproductive health outcomes, achieving gender equality, equity and empowering... Read more

18 May 2022
Pemba (in yellow top) and other patients with senior surgeon Dr. Lucien Wasingya Kasereka of FisPro DRC, a UNFPA partner that tr

Three women, three stories: Picking up the pieces of lives broken by obstetric fistula

Pemba was called “ndoki,” or “witch,” by her community, including her father and siblings. Sojina felt like a prisoner in the room she was banished... Read more

17 May 2022
Skilled health professionals and timely, quality emergency obstetric care can help prevent the devastating childbirth injury of

5 things you might not know about obstetric fistula

First things first, what is obstetric fistula? What it is: Obstetric fistula is a traumatic childbirth injury that robs a woman or girl of her health... Read more

16 May 2022
Midwife Marie Nancy Christiane with baby Noelia, born in a tent provided by UNFPA as a temporary maternity ward, after the refer

Midwife helps a mother deliver safely in UNFPA-supplied tent in cyclone-affected Madagascar

At mid-afternoon, a special baby lets out her first cry. Weighing a healthy 2.5kgs, Noelia has just been born in a tent serving as a temporary... Read more

12 May 2022
Census enumerator Sakarea Lepono explaining the importance of being counted to Segolame Bolosaka and her sister.

Leaving no one behind in Botswana’s first digital census

Segolame Bolosaka, 23, a young mother of two and with a third on the way, works on a farm together with her partner. They live in Kgare, a small... Read more