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18 May 2022
Pemba (in yellow top) and other patients with senior surgeon Dr. Lucien Wasingya Kasereka of FisPro DRC, a UNFPA partner that tr

Three women, three stories: Picking up the pieces of lives broken by obstetric fistula

KINSHASA, Democratic Republic of the Congo/KURIGRAM DISTRICT, Bangladesh/KILIFI, Kenya – Pemba was called “ndoki,” or “witch,” by her community, including her father and siblings. Sojina felt like a... Read more

17 May 2022
Skilled health professionals and timely, quality emergency obstetric care can help prevent the devastating childbirth injury of

5 things you might not know about obstetric fistula

UNITED NATIONS, New York – First things first, what is obstetric fistula?   What it is: Obstetric fistula is a traumatic childbirth injury that robs a woman or girl of her health, rights and dignity... Read more

16 May 2022
Midwife Marie Nancy Christiane with baby Noelia, born in a tent provided by UNFPA as a temporary maternity ward, after the refer

Midwife helps a mother deliver safely in UNFPA-supplied tent in cyclone-affected Madagascar

MANANJARY, Vatovavy region, Madagascar, 5 May—At mid-afternoon, a special baby lets out her first cry. Weighing a healthy 2.5kgs, Noelia has just been born in a tent serving as a temporary maternity... Read more

12 May 2022
Census enumerator Sakarea Lepono explaining the importance of being counted to Segolame Bolosaka and her sister.

Leaving no one behind in Botswana’s first digital census

GABORONE, Botswana – Segolame Bolosaka, 23, a young mother of two and with a third child on the way, works with her partner on a farm and lives in Kgare, a small settlement with no clinic, school or... Read more

5 May 2022

Global health systems must invest in midwives

Statement by UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Natalia Kanem on the International Day of the Midwife When heavy monsoon rains flooded refugee camps in Bangladesh, it was midwife Shakila Parvin who, in... Read more

4 May 2022

UNFPA and WFP join forces to meet soaring reproductive health and nutrition needs in southern Madagascar

AMBOASARY/GRAND SUD, Madagascar – Just weeks away from giving birth to her fifth child, Homoroe Haova, 33, looked down at her stomach and smiled, reassured she could give birth safely as well as feed... Read more

4 May 2022
Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world throughout the year. In Somalia, above, the day falls in March. © Tobin Jones for UN

5 things to know about motherhood

UNITED NATIONS, New York – Celebrated around the world throughout the year, Mother’s Day is exactly that: celebratory. But for some women, motherhood can be fraught. Women have become mothers below... Read more

29 April 2022
One woman’s winning idea in taking climate action harnesses the power of the sun

One woman’s winning idea in taking climate action harnesses the power of the sun

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – As a girl, Agnes Kimweri would visit her village’s sole medical dispensary in Tanzania and see a steady stream of motorcycles emitting noxious fumes dropping off patients... Read more

25 April 2022

Women and girls in South Sudan battle mounting sexual violence amid conflict and climate crises

BENTIU, South Sudan – “I used to collect firewood, make charcoal, and sell fresh milk to help meet our family's needs,” Nyachar Gatneay Rial, 38, told UNFPA. “Now I have to sell tea in the local... Read more

21 April 2022

“Let’s Talk” Radio Drama series: Conversations to help eliminate early and unintended pregnancy in the ESA region

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 21 April 2022 — Navigating your adolescent years can often be confusing and intimidating to say the least, let alone protecting yourself from the unintended consequences... Read more